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How We Got Here

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This is just a short blog on how Smartmount came into existence. 

While following triathlon for many years I didn't start training and competing in them until 1997 (I think). Some life experiences helped me make the transition from being what I refer to as a recreational runner (would do one to three 10-12 K races a year) to swimming and biking as well. By 2002 I had become immersed in the sport both from an athletic perspective as well as in the business, providing illustrations for books such as The Pain Free Triathlete. 

It was in 2002 at IM Utah that I had decided that race numbers for the bike were a pain I was tired of dealing with. Every race had a different style, size and unacceptable way of attaching to the bike. By 2004 I started to make a holder for myself. After a couple of years of being asked "where did you get that" I decided to make them available to everybody. 

With no capital and limited time, it was slow going to get it off the ground. My first attempt was to simply offer a cheap throw-away bracket that would hold most types of race numbers to Race Directors. I was turned down flat by everyone. 

Next I went straight the the athletes via the internet with a cheap little website. While I was pretty much laughed at by what they would certainly call themselves "elite Triathletes", by 2008 I had established the business I now run with my two sons. 

Since then we have been heavily involved research and design and are working on a few new products we hope to have ready next year including a brand new gear box and helmet (made ENTIRELY right here in the US)

And that's how we got to here.